These 5 Marketing Challenges Need Social Media Automation

social media automation
social media automation

By: Liz Azyan

Save time and money while meeting the marketing goals for your business or your client with social media automation. This is how we cracked the code.

Let’s admit it this one simple truth for a second. No matter how high our level is when it comes to online marketing, it is inevitable that we have physical limitations on what we can do for our clients.

Using social media to leverage the online presence of any business has become more competitive and complex as ever. Algorithms change, video is more visible, consumer behavior has evolved, ads are more crucial. Keeping up with the demand of consistent social media activities to send signals to the various social channels that you are always present is more necessary than ever before.

What are you willing to do to increase your effectiveness on social media without having to spend more time, money, and effort - so you can still focus on addressing the needs of your clients other than their social media presence.

The answer is simple: social media automation.

The Marketing Challenges that Social Media Automation Solves

1. Keeping up with the responses on social media.

If you’re like us at Digital Matchbox where we manage various accounts, making sure that you reply to a Facebook post comment, a Twitter mention, or an Instagram direct message can get crazy! However, with a social media automation tool you are able to get some weight off your shoulders.

2. Curating high relevant content.

We always want to get engagement from an audience, right? What better way to do that than to curate content based on popular hashtags, people, influencers, and blogs. Repurposing content that are currently trending and mostly talked about in these social channels is a great way to encourage discussions among your audience.

3. Getting rid of trolls.

Imagine the stress you’re going to have to deal with with trolls or fake accounts that attempt to ruin your Facebook posts. Thank goodness for the Facebook Page Moderator on the social media automation tool that we use here at Digital Matchbox!

4. Ensuring quick customer service.

Are you a business selling physical products, or a social media professional working with a physical product business? If yes, then you know perfectly well that there are some customers who may not communicate with you via email, but through your social channels. Prioritize your messages by having a social media tool that accommodates this feature.

5. Finding new followers.

We know how difficult it can be to grow followers. But with a social media automation tool, looking for potential followers and leads that are well targeted to match your niche gets easier. Having a tool that can find you those targeted audiences on autopilot can make your life a lot easier.

6. Engaging with community

Want to make your followers feel that you’re updated with what’s going on with their lives? Want a tool to like the post beforehand so you will comment via real-time later? Well, our tool should be your best friend!

If these six challenges are your challenges too, then you’re going to love Digital Matchbox PRO’s social media automation tool. These automation features are just a few of the magic that the tool can provide you and your business, there are tons more!

Give Digital Matchbox PRO a try, free for 14 days.

social media automation

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Author: Liz Azyan

Liz Azyan is the CEO & Founder of Digital Matchbox. Digital Matchbox is a boutique digital agency based in London, UK that can help you or your business spark your online presence.

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