These 5 Marketing Challenges Need Social Media Automation

social media automation
social media automation

By: Liz Azyan

Save time and money while meeting the marketing goals for your business or your client with social media automation. This is how we cracked the code.

Let’s admit it this one simple truth for a second. No matter how high our level is when it comes to online marketing, it is inevitable that we have physical limitations on what we can do for our clients.

Using social media to leverage the online presence of any business has become more competitive and complex as ever. Algorithms change, video is more visible, consumer behavior has evolved, ads are more crucial. Keeping up with the demand of consistent social media activities to send signals to the various social channels that you are always present is more necessary than ever before.

What are you willing to do to increase your effectiveness on social media without having to spend more time, money, and effort - so you can still focus on addressing the needs of your clients other than their social media presence.

The answer is simple: social media automation.

The Marketing Challenges that Social Media Automation Solves

1. Keeping up with the responses on social media.

If you’re like us at Digital Matchbox where we manage various accounts, making sure that you reply to a Facebook post comment, a Twitter mention, or an Instagram direct message can get crazy! However, with a social media automation tool you are able to get some weight off your shoulders.

2. Curating high relevant content.

We always want to get engagement from an audience, right? What better way to do that than to curate content based on popular hashtags, people, influencers, and blogs. Repurposing content that are currently trending and mostly talked about in these social channels is a great way to encourage discussions among your audience.

3. Getting rid of trolls.

Imagine the stress you’re going to have to deal with with trolls or fake accounts that attempt to ruin your Facebook posts. Thank goodness for the Facebook Page Moderator on the social media automation tool that we use here at Digital Matchbox!

4. Ensuring quick customer service.

Are you a business selling physical products, or a social media professional working with a physical product business? If yes, then you know perfectly well that there are some customers who may not communicate with you via email, but through your social channels. Prioritize your messages by having a social media tool that accommodates this feature.

5. Finding new followers.

We know how difficult it can be to grow followers. But with a social media automation tool, looking for potential followers and leads that are well targeted to match your niche gets easier. Having a tool that can find you those targeted audiences on autopilot can make your life a lot easier.

6. Engaging with community

Want to make your followers feel that you’re updated with what’s going on with their lives? Want a tool to like the post beforehand so you will comment via real-time later? Well, our tool should be your best friend!

If these six challenges are your challenges too, then you’re going to love Digital Matchbox PRO’s social media automation tool. These automation features are just a few of the magic that the tool can provide you and your business, there are tons more!

Give Digital Matchbox PRO a try, free for 14 days.

social media automation

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Author: Liz Azyan

Liz Azyan is the CEO & Founder of Digital Matchbox. Digital Matchbox is a boutique digital agency based in London, UK that can help you or your business spark your online presence.

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8 Reasons to Use Digital Matchbox PRO’s Social Media Management Features

Digital Matchbox PRO
Digital Matchbox PRO

By: Liz Azyan

Who are you?

Are you...

  • a small business owner with a packed schedule most of the time?
  • an aspiring blogger who wants to be hands-on with the writing, photography, and video editing on every page of your website?
  • a marketing agency looking for other alternatives to save on money and time while using different apps to satisfy your clients.

You enjoy great revenue on your business, but your customers wonder why you only have few followers on your social media platforms.

It can be painful to have to do so many things with just a little time ensuring you have a rock solid online presence. It may feel like that there is no tool out there to satisfy all your needs when running your social media.

Wait! You say no tool available out there at all? We introduce you to Digital Matchbox PRO!

If you haven’t encountered Digital Matchbox PRO before, it’s time that you sit back and hear us out. Why? Because we’ve been enjoying what they are doing for us to keep up with the needs of our clients!

Here are 8 best reasons why you should include Digital Matchbox PRO as your go-to social media management software.

1. Instagram automation

As the fastest growing social media platform today, brands and businesses must include Instagram in their social media strategy. We know you want to increase your reach. No business would never want to generate awareness for their brand. Every business owner want people to be talking about their brand.

Achieve all those with Digital Matchbox PRO’s Instagram automation tools.

2. Easily attach videos to your social posts - with emojis even

When 2017 started, social media predictions written on the web pointed to one direction: video. Video is making more impact than ever in social media. Digital Matchbox PRO’s Compose Box allows you to attach videos to your social posts. Plus, connect with your audience on a more personal level by inserting your favorite emojis to your captions.  

3. Tag people on your Facebook posts

Tagging personalities or brands is a great way to get eyes browsing over your Facebook page. When before you can only do that within Facebook Page’s Publishing Tools, now you can tag people to your Facebook posts within Digital Matchbox PRO. So convenient, right?

4. Task completion reports

Viewing your team’s rate at which they complete tasks on a social media management tool? It is possible! Larger teams can manage their workflows and improve reports with Digital Matchbox PRO’s feature called Response Time Reports.

5. Team collaboration

You want systems in place when managing social media for your business. Delegate social media conversations and tasks in the most effective way with Digital Matchbox PRO’s team collaboration tools.

6. Numerous integrations

Known for having more integrations than any other tool, Digital Matchbox PRO has a flexible API which makes it easy to implement various app integrations. Some of these widely used app integrations are Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Canva, and a whole lot more.

7. Referrals programme

We like rewards. You like rewards. We all love rewards!

Already enjoying our platform? Our current customers are already getting cash rewards for referring  Digital Matchbox PRO to their friends and family. These rewards are super awesome that we just can’t hide our excitement. If you know of people who would benefit from Digital Matchbox PRO, refer them to us and enjoy cash rewards. Become our affiliate!

8. Our new in-dashboard help & tooltips

For years, I've been looking for a way to easily help our users learn how to use our dashboard more easily. In the first iteration of the dashboard, we launched an online course to help users get acquainted with our dashboard. And it worked well, to an extent.

After getting feedback from our users, we realized that they wanted more on-demand type of help, within the dashboard itself. It took us a while to find a solution, but I'm happy to announce that we've finally found it...

Introducing, our brand new in-dashboard help & support and tooltips. Now our new and current users can self-help themselves to help and information that they need immediately from without our dashboard itself. No need to go to a different site to log a support ticket and access our knowledge base. Everything is right there, in our dashboard. Easily and instantly accessible whenever you need it.

You don’t want to be left behind with the latest trends in social media management. That’s a must if you want to build the online presence of your business further. Give Digital Matchbox PRO a try and we’ll be with you to help you out every step of the way. Sign up for a 14-day trial here.

Digital Matchbox PRO

Author: Liz Azyan

Liz Azyan is the CEO & Founder of Digital Matchbox. Digital Matchbox is a boutique digital agency based in London, UK that can help you or your business spark your online presence.

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