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Using multiple tools to manage your social media?

Go PRO – Do everything on one dashboard and save yourself some time and money.


  • Bulk Post Upload
  • Powerful Analytics & Reports
  • Content Calendar
  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Multi-Channel Publishing
  • Publishing Curation
  • RSS Feed Publishing
  • Integration

Social Platform Features

  • Tracking keyword mentions in all possible types of social media sources
  • Saving history of social media communications
  • Managing different social media accounts in one app
  • Switching between different profiles of the same social network
  • Sharing posts from all profiles
  • Geo targeting
  • Customizable workspaces
  • Data safety and account security
  • Link shortening feature
  • Brand & Keyword Monitoring — Monitor what’s being said about your brand on blogs microblogs social networks and in comments.
  • Review Monitoring — Monitor and respond to reviews about your business on sites like Yelp CitySearch and many others.
  • Add unlimited number of Twitter accounts to your dashboard
  • Post, schedule and bulk upload to unlimited number of Twitter accounts
  • Add your Twitter streams.
  • Twitter Search — Monitor Twitter for search terms.
  • Twitter List — Read and respond to updates from a particular Twitter list.
  • Twitter Profile Search — Search Twitter for user profiles.
  • Sending tweets
  • Scheduling Tweets
  • Sending direct Twitter messages
  • Retweeting
  • Twitter replies
  • Best time to tweet report
  • Add unlimited number of Facebook Fan Pages and profiles
  • Post, schedule and bulk upload to unlimited number of Facebook profiles
  • Post, schedule and bulk upload to unlimited number of Facebook Fan Pages
  • Facebook Fan Page — Post updates to your Facebook Fan Pages.
  • Facebook Page Loader — Bulk import multiple Facebook Pages or reconnect pages you’ve already added.
  • Facebook Group — Post updates to the walls of any of your Facebook Groups.
  • Facebook Milestone — Post milestones to your Facebook Page Timeline.
  • Facebook Cover Photo — Upload and set your Facebook cover photo
  • Facebook Post — Post updates to your own Facebook Wall.
  • Updating Facebook statuses, posting pictures
  • Facebook ‘likes’
  • Add unlimited number of LinkedIn Profiles and Company Pages accounts to your dashboard
  • Post status updates, schedule and bulk upload to unlimited number of LinkedIn accounts
  • Add unlimited number of Google+ Pages accounts to your dashboard
  • Post status updates, schedule and bulk upload to unlimited number of Google+ Pages
  • Posting replies
  • Posting videos from your YouTube channel to other social networks
  • Scheduling posting videos
  • Add unlimited amount of Instagram accounts to your dashboard
  • Manage your Instagram stream, retrieve analytics and read and respond to comments in your Priority Inbox.
  • Schedule posts to your Instagram account. Note that due to restrictions with Instagram, the content to be posted will be emailed for manual posting from your mobile device at the appropriate time.
  • Blog commenting
  • Blog posting
  • Blog scheduling
  • Blog curation
  • Scheduling commenting

Specific blogging platform features

  • Blogger & Blogspot — Publish posts to Blogger and Blogspot blogs.
  • Metaweblog — Publish posts to any MetaWebLog supported site.
  • WordPress — Post updates to your self-hosted WordPress blogs.
  • — Post updates to your blogs.
  • Tumblr — Publish posts to your Tumblr blogs.
  • TypePad — Publish updates to your TypePad blog.
  • Ning — Publish posts to your Ning sites.
  • MovableType — Publish posts to your MovableType blog.
  • — Post status updates to
  • Instapaper — Post links to your Instapaper account.
  • Pocket — Post links to Pocket (formerly Read It Later).
  • Facebook Page Loader — Bulk import multiple Facebook Pages or reconnect pages you’ve already added.
  • Twitter Welcome Messages — Automatically send welcome messages to new followers.
  • Twitter Auto Replies — Automatically send @ replies to people on Twitter who mention specific terms.
  • Twitter Auto Retweets — Automatically retweet posts on Twitter based on specific terms.
  • Facebook Auto Moderator — Automatically remove comments/posts from your Facebook Pages that are of a negative sentiment
  • Competition analysis
  • SMM reports
  • Foursquare Tip — Post tips to venues you manage or other locations on Foursquare.
  • Foursquare Shout — Post shouts to venues on Foursquare.
  • FourSquare Page — Post updates to a Foursquare venue page that you manage.
  • Pinterest — Post updates to Pinterest boards.
  • MobyPicture — Post pictures to your MobyPicture page.
  • Scribd — Post documents to Scribd.
  • SlideShare — Post presentations to SlideShare.
  • YouTube — Get analytics and comments from your YouTube account.

What Our Customers Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

In the past, I’ve used Hootsuite, MeetEdgar and I’ve tried all other types of platforms. And this is the one that I’ve been happiest with because it’s allowing me to do everything under one roof.
Diana Guerrero
The ArkLady
Overall, I love this platform. I like how it encompasses EVERYTHING. I don’t have to purchase separate subscriptions to different software. Currently I have been using Rignite, Hootsuite (only for bulk upload) and ManageFlitter.
Debbie Peck
Debbie Peck Digital
I’ve been jumping from Hootsuite, Buffer, Twitter web at last I can do it all in one place! Saves me so much time and it’s all in one place.
Fiona Legge
Founder of Clearpod

One Price For All

Imagine never having to pay more for more accounts. We want you to keep your profits and grow.

$ 99 Monthly
  • Manage Unlimited Social Accounts
  • Use of Unlimited Apps
  • Add Unlimited RSS Feeds
  • Access and Use of Content Libraries
  • Unlimited Access to Ready-to-use Content
flat price

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