Online Presence Quiz Result

Yes, your business can be discovered online

Congratulations, you can be found online. You are capable of reaching some of your  prospective clients online and you are able to perform good business profits from this access. But did you know that your earnings can get even better. See the resources listed below to make your business more visible online!

Here are 3 hand-picked resources MADE JUST FOR YOU to boost your online presence.

Do you want to create a Facebook Ads Campaign but not sure how to get started? Are you afraid of losing money and making a mistake?

Come behind the scenes of an experienced Facebook ads consultant, to learn how to create high converting sales funnel for your Facebook Ads campaign. You’ll learn:

  • How to create your irresistible offer and monetise your offer before you go to market.
  • How to lay down a solid foundation for your campaign and target your ideal audience.
  • What you need when creating your landing and download pages.
  • Writing your email autoresponder to nurture and sell to your potential clients.
  • The type of Facebook Ad that you should choose for your campaign.
  • Copywriting tips and how to test and tweak your campaign.

You will be able to immediately be able to start planning and executing their Facebook Ad campaign by starting on the right foot. 

This class is perfect for service providers who are just starting to build their business or using Facebook Ads, who want to drive traffic to their website and take advantage of the power of Facebook Ads for profit. 

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