"Digital Matchbox was instrumental in helping us to define our Social Media Marketing strategy & executing with great success. She largely took our social accounts from a standing start to a position where we added a significant number of new followers each day. Liz is a great person & we will certainly be working with her again when we launch new product offerings. She is very knowledgeable, helpful & I would certainly recommend her to anyone interested in SMM services."
David Fountaine
Founder & Director of Creation Technology Solutions
"Digital Matchbox has not disappointed me with the quality of the work that her team produces! On top of that, Liz is a very responsible person, has strong work ethics, and always make sure that the details are taken care of. I’m pleased to be able to be her customer and business partner at the same time."
Jason How
J Social - Singapore
“I have worked with Liz in various collaborative initiatives over the last couple of years and found her to be extremely effective, efficient, knowlegeable and, importantly,has a great rapport with people and understands their requirements very quickly."
Adrian Hancock
CEO, Socitm, Director WACC Ltd, Director Perida Ltd
"Digital Matchbox found a creative and innovative way to tell my client’s story and they were blown away by the results. I’d recommend her to any marketing agency looking to add more depth to their client’s videos."
Jules Taggart
Jules Taggart Marketing Strategy
“Honestly, I was not even sure what to expect, I have never used animation before. I can tell you this I will be working with Digital Matchbox again. The final product exceeded my expectations and Liz manages her business as I believe every successful business should, deliver to your clients! Thanks Liz!"
Tammy Sherger
Meeting Revolution
"Where can I start in describing Digital Matchbox’s work? Contemporary, effective, network infused, attractive, current. Liz helped me with my last launch of an e-course and provided such exquisite and compelling graphics for all of my social media accounts as well as a gorgeous sales video. I almost wept when I saw it. To add, she created a comprehensive social media marketing plan for me and my team to consider. There were so many goodies in there that we couldn’t manage them all but will work towards that in our next launch! Liz. gets. social. media. marketing. I don’t so was relieved to have her on my launch project. Next steps? Hiring Digital Matchbox to produce another one of her signature videos. PS: plus she is so sweet and I truly enjoyed working with her."
Kelly Edmonds
Instructional Designer & E-Learning Specialist
“I am thrilled with the presentation slides Digital Matchbox has designed for me. They are always on time and exceed my expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them if you want to have a presentation that is sure to impresse your audience."
Melonie Dodaro
Top Dog Social Media
“Liz is one of the most remarkable digital operators in the country today. Have a massive professional respect for her approach, knowledge and personality. Can’t recommend her highly enough to come up with pragmatic and creative ideas to help with your digits problems."
David Grindlay
Falkirk Council
"The excellent work that Liz has conducted and social media insight that she has achieved within local government transcends local government and into the entire public and private sector. Sir Tim Berner Lees who is spearheading the opening-up of government data would, in my opinion, be well advised to employ the UK’s freshest Guru on Social Media. It is not just about social media, its the innovative application of social media by Liz that will make the difference. The Devil is in the detail. I would recommend CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors, Heads of IT to contact Liz as soon as possible to utilise her services to spearhead the UK as the leading adopter of Social Media to unleash its power and its many advantages for organisations."
Mubbisher Ahmed
Nationwide Bank
"I’ve had Liz work on a few projects and from start to finish, she’s been a dream to work with. I’m fussy, so I don’t say that lightly. She delivers on time, gets back to me straight away and creates exceptional work. She goes so much further than I expect, making such an effort to make everything perfect. With zero stress involved. She’s my new go-to girl for design and I’m so happy I found her!"
Theresa Rock
"The slides that I received from Liz and the Digital Matchbox team are incredible! They are exactly what I wanted, needed no revision, and really exceeded my expectations. I am now even more confident for the conference sessions I’m leading since I have these decks in hand. I highly recommend the Digital Matchbox team!"
Stephanie Nissen
Nissen Media
"Highly knowledgeable, passionate, driven and well-connected, Liz has been making waves in the social media scene as an influencer and thought leader. I love her original insights in the art and craft of social and digital marketing, and am inspired by how she has carved a successful niche for herself with Digital Matchbox agency. If you need a competent professional who can deliver results for your company on the digital front, look no further than Liz!"
Walter LIM
Experienced Content Marketer, Founder of Cool Insights

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